Paul Reid’s famous sign off while on the air at CJAD in Montreal was made while the music of “The Lorelei” was playing.

The show was an evening with a mix of poetry, interviews, some well honed humour and most importantly, soothing music to mellow your day. The strains of “The Lorelei” with it’s bittersweet harmonica, harp and strings was the perfect backdrop for Paul as he he would intone, “This is Paul in Montreal.” Then he would pause and say ”And the night is ours!”

After my Mother passed away, she left me all of Dad’s master tapes. I think she knew that of all her six children, I would be the one that would put them to good use.

After gathering dust for a few years, I finally started digitally re-mastering these tapes at my video production studios in Montreal. My hope was to release some of his work and raise money for the two children’s hospitals in Montreal, The Montreal Children’s Hospital and Hopital Sainte-Justine. To do this I created a new production company.

“The Night Is Ours Productions Inc.” came to be and over the years has raised over

$ 40,000.00 for the kids.

As Scouting has played a large part in my own life, some of the profits now go to send deserving kids to Scout Camp.

I could think of no finer tribute to Dad.

Mom and Dad would be pleased.

Mike Reid


Night Is Ours Productions Inc.

Montreal - October 2014